Do I need a wedding photographer?

With the average wedding costing around £20K in the UK, it makes sense to create and stick to a strict budget when you’re planning your Big Day.  Every couple is different and makes choices on which expenses to cut. Think carefully before you decide to cut out the cost of a professional wedding photographer, though.

Here are 5 reasons why you should definitely allow a budget for your photographer:


No matter how well-meaning they are, your friends and family are not the best choices for taking your wedding pictures.  Even with their own mobiles or disposable cameras, the vast majority of the pictures they’ll send you after your Big Day will have disappointing results.  You only have one chance to get it right: make sure you don’t put all of your eggs in the wrong basket.


You never know what the weather will do.  An experienced photographer knows how to make the most of a bad weather situation and will be able to give you beautiful wedding photos even if it rains. 


Any professional wedding photographer worth their salt should be able to take more than just the formal shots.  Those show off the wedding party in all of its finery, of course, and will always be enjoyed … but it’s those little moments that go unnoticed on the Big Day that, when captured as a lasting image, create the most treasured memories.  The bridesmaids giggling under the top table … the groom’s best friends sharing a group hug … the grandparents meeting for the first time … the spontaneity of fun at a wedding should be remembered forever with the help of a professional photographer.


It’s not just about your own memories, of course.  As much as a great album can provide lots of wonderful moments of reverie as you get older, your wedding photographs could and should provide pleasure and important family information to those you come after you.  It’s important for your descendants to know about you. Make sure you give them a record that they’ll treasure and pass on to their children.  


You’ll have plenty to arrange and worry about in the days leading up to your wedding.  Your wedding dress, your cake, the seating arrangements and the invitations are all important, but if you don’t have good photographs to remember them by then the whole lot will disappear into the mists of time … Make sure that your photographs delegated to a professional and cut out the stress.  

Whatever your decision, make it early in the budgeting stage and stick to it so that your planning can be exciting and fun rather than stressful.

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