How to prepare for a photo session in the Isle of Skye

You have planned a photo session in the breathtaking landscapes of Skye, but now you’re out of inspiration… Follow these tips on how to prepare for a photo session in the Isle of Skye, you can make it epic!

Skye, the Misty Island, always moody, a perfect photo background

Define the mood board

Every photo session needs a set mood, something you ultimately want to feel when you look at them. You get the feeling with a chosen set of colours and textures.

Choose the colours that suit you best and that complement the location. Have a play on Pinterest and search for those colours and textures that make you feel great and create an inspiration board. Then just select the best 10 images out of them, they will make your mood board. Make sure you have a selection of clear colours, expressions, and outfits!

Hint: Skye loves earthy colours, plain patterns and woolly textures! And, a romantic moody feeling. Remember, it’s called The Misty Island, it must be fine something…

Choose a landscape that you love, like this grey sand beach with natural pools and waterfalls
The colours and textures of Skye can match perfectly with your photos

Comfy but extraordinary

Get that outfit that you normally won’t use daily, but you love to wear! The one that makes you feel YOU

It’s going to be one of a kind session, so make sure you look the best, that you feel the best!

Show your personality in every single snap

Pick an outfit that moves well

It’s completely up to your chosen mood board, but take in mind that Skye might be windy and stormy.

The wind of Skye is perfect to play with a long dress. The mix with the wind will fuel up the mood in your photos and you will look extraordinary!

Linen is beautiful but much prettier and warmer is wool

Create accessories that speak your personality, like this pagan headpiece made with moss and twigs
Make the most of the accessories

Layers and accessories

Coming to Skye is learning the art of dressing like an onion, especially if you’re coming when is very cold, but even the summer can be freezing, always remember the wind!

Start with the underwear, (nude) thermals are a must! And then layer up, dress, accessories and a statement piece. Bring all that you can think of, and we can play during the session with what’s best.

Prepare for the ghastly winds Skye can offer

Dress for the season

There are two contents, always: wind and chill. No matter if it’s summer, the temperature will always be mild, and the chances of wind are always high, (thanks Atlantic!)

In the winter months will be cold but no worries, no massive cold temperatures, and you might find the odd snow in the mountains.

No matter what the season, make sure you’re warm. Have your thermals in hand, just in case!

Despite the season, always brings something warm

Complement your outfits

Do not try to compete, remember, the two of you are the leading actors. A good practice is to use complementary or analogous colours for your outfits. Have a play with the colour wheel

In summer, blues and greens merge beautifully with the landscape

Dress for your surroundings

Whether you’re planning a big hike or none, I won’t recommend high heels! If you go for a messy hair, dirty boots vibe, you’ll have more fun 😉

Blend with the landscape. Couple snuggling each other while having the wind on their faces
Blend with the landscape harmoniously

Hope you get the most of these tips on how to prepare for a photo session in the Isle of Skye, but remember to plan to have fun, to enjoyed y a great experience, one to remember!

If you’re coming to Skye and want a photo session or even for your dream elopement get in touch, I’m happy to help you plan the best experience ever

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