The Team

After the heat and magic of your big event, you’ll remember your own, personal version of it. We’ll capture that one … and the one that you never saw.
After all, you can’t be everywhere at once. We can. It’s our thing.

Because we’re not your average photographers. We’re journalistic photographers -internationally-published, world-travelled. Our photographs tell your full story … the moments that your favourite people witness when you’re not watching.

There’s so much to watch, to record, to recount. We are more than photographers. We document lives. We’ve documented visual stories together for so long, so closely that we’ve literally married our talents. As a couple, we capture your dream occasion from angles you‘ve never imagined. The magic in the moments you’d miss… the spells we capture in time.
We offer you the parallel world of your big event. You have a right to enjoy it.

Discover more about our clever, candid photography-storytelling … welcome to OWO Photography.

Sam and Oscar


I’m passionated about traveling. Since I remember, I wanted to cross the Bering strait, not quite there yet, but I spent two years roaming and discovering this beautiful island, Great Britain, which I call home!

I’m obsessed with Pink Floyd. Yes! Adore the symphonic and progressive rock and I had my dream concert at the V&A exhibit. And yes, Echoes was playing during my C-section…

Sports? shhhhh just to let you know that I got into photography when I refused myself to do sports at school. The principal got me graphic design instead and when the photography module came was love at first sight!

Adore being outdoors and crave photographing people in epic landscapes! You can find me wandering the Peak District and whenever I can, roaming the Highlands.

I married my partner in crime long way back in 2007, Oscar, and after a lot of exploring, traveling, and working together, we had our beautiful boy Martin in 2018.

So there you have it, a little about the person that will prompt you behind the camera!


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Got it?

That’s me.

Since 2014