On early this year mountain and woods lover, Guntars proposed to teacher Holly, just when they've been together for a year! They wanted to capture epic portraits of them together while planning for their wedding in two years time.
Locals to Lincolnshire but they came all the way to the Peak District chosen for its characteristic landscapes, and because it's one of their favourite happy places to be together.
We selected Curbar Edge on Hope Valley for its spectacular and dramatic views. The purple wave of heather in bloom was perfect for a late July afternoon session giving a moody vibe. 
They spent every second walking along the edge, jumping stones, being captivated by the view, and cuddling lovingly. Although being shy, they enjoyed every second of being together, staring at each other and being present, despite battling with the craziest of winds! They were the perfect pair for a non-posey couple.
As photographers, we always aim for that close connection between couples that can be portrayed to be remembered by them. Making a session unique and meaningful for the people we photograph.

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