Thanks for booking your engagement with us! 
First of all, what's an engagement session?
The most simple answer is that an engagement shoot it’s a portrait session to celebrate your engagement. You’re only engaged for a small period of your life and it’s a celebration of that moment before venturing in a life together.
"We loved the photos you did for our engagement shoot and have many of them on our walls.
We cannot wait to see you both again at our wedding"
- Joe.
Also, is an ice breaker
Many people are afraid of ‘posing’ in front of a camera. But, practicing time with your photographer will help to prevent stiffness and uncomfortable looking photos, specially for your wedding day! And think that not being wary of the camera on your wedding day will make you feel great, one thing less to be worry about!
Having an engagement session allows a level of comfort and trust between you and us as your photographers. You get to meet us; we get to meet you. That way, we’re not aliens at your wedding day.
"Aw they are super lovely and just what I was hoping for. Thank you so much!"
- Katie
You don’t have to ‘pose’
We have a similar approach to all our engagement sessions. We go with you through the technical posing stuff and will ask you to break those rules. We want you to enjoy and have a great time; make you forget that you’re in front of a camera.
Our goal is to create a visual gallery of your joy, not the traditional stiff and ‘smile’ portrait that will collect dust in your living room. You’ll receive a collection a candid images that will remind you the experience being engaged and in love.
Your session is unique
Asking you to break the posing rules, will show your true personality. No two sessions are the same. Props, place, time and character will make unique your shoot. Your session will focus on what makes you two click.
You can bring props if you want to, specially if it’s a statement piece of your personality. We had once an invasion of penguins! Also, you can consider a hobby or an activity that you both enjoy.
For your location, just consider a place that is meaningful or part of your love story, like where you proposed, where you first met, and area that you both love, even your home, You’ll be comfortable there. We can suggest a location on site or studio if you prefer.
For more compelling light, sessions should be around two hours after sunrise or two hours before sunset. The golden hour is the most beautiful time of the day for portrait, and when almost any angle will be on your side!
Getting the right outfit
There’s no rule for what you have to wear, just follow some guidance for colour harmony. Choose colour combinations that work well with your skin tone, and location. Complement each other’s outfit.
Please feel free to select a standout piece if it fits your personality!
If you’re unsure, send us a picture of your outfit so we can help you visualise your shoot beforehand, check the colours are working well, and give you some guidance.
"Those photos are amazing! Thank-you so much! We absolutely love them - everything about them!"
- Cerys

They're complimentary!
Engagement shoots are part of our pre wedding consultation, where you can try working with us before any booking upfront. It’s our philosophy.
If you’re happy to book with us for your wedding day, you’ll receive £100 OFF for your full wedding day coverage. We do appreciate working with new couples :)

So... let’s meet for your engagement!
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