USB Cases
The magic of opening and cherishing a gorgeous keepsake needn’t be lost when it comes to digital images. The digital presentation case combines modern technology with traditional craftsmanship and the beauty of a printed image. It has the option for one printed panel showcasing a single image. The second panel is for holding a USB key, Kingston USB stick. And the third is a shorter panel that enables it to stand up.
Key Features
Archival-quality materials to last a lifetime 
Wide range of cover materials 
 HD pigment printing with incredible highlight and shadow detail 
Prints Box
Your printed images deserve to be presented beautifully and stored carefully. Our Prints Boxes are perfect for this, they make lovely keepsake boxes for your images and for other treasures too. Each Prints Box is handcrafted to order in Yorkshire.
Key Features
Completely handmade from start to finish
Standard size 5x7” prints 
Ribbon tie closure
Cover printing or engraving included
Digital USB
Available covers
Heritage. A 100% cotton fabric with a tactile open weave in four natural, two-toned colours. Perfect if you’re looking for a more rustic, neutral finish.
Essential Cotton is a range of high quality, 100% cotton colours with a natural open weave
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