Getting married abroad

telling the history from the beginning


Planning a wedding overseas takes an organised couple …As if the wedding checklist weren’t long enough already, now you have passports, international licences and lots more to add to it.

One thing you don’t have to worry about is your precious wedding photographs.As a team, Sam and Oscar are seasoned travellers and are popular overseas wedding photographers. We’re organised, mobile and responsible. We’ll be there to capture the little moments that make your Big Day stand out as the best you’ve ever had.And we believe in celebrating relationships. As husband and wife, we tell the visual narrative of the Big Day for many couples who get married abroad.

Couples often ask us how we manage to record such meaningful moments. The answer lies in the way we work together. We anticipate the little moments, cover much more ground as two individual photographers, constantly communicating with each other.

It’s as much about the romantic setting as it is about your Big Day. We don’t miss a thing.We travel light. See some of our favourite overseas wedding moments