After the heat and magic of your big event, you’ll remember your own, personal version of it. We’ll capture that one … and the one that you never saw.
After all, you can’t be everywhere at once.
We can. It’s our thing.
Because we’re not your average photographers. We’re journalistic photographers -internationally-published, world-travelled. Our photographs tell your full story … the moments that your favourite people witness when you’re not watching.
There’s so much to watch, to record, to recount. We are more than photographers. We document lives. We’ve documented visual stories together for so long, so closely that we’ve literally married our talents. As a couple, we capture your dream occasion from angles you‘ve never imagined. The magic in the moments you’d miss… the spells we capture in time.
We offer you the parallel world of your big event. You have a right to enjoy it.
Discover more about our clever, candid photography-storytelling … welcome to
OWO Photography.
Sam and Oscar

Samantha G. Ferrer & Oscar Jimenez
Members of RPS

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